5 reasons to store your boat with Hagadone Marine Group this winter

Dry, Secure, Indoor storage with Hagadone Marine Group. Cd'A, ID


During the summer, while you’ve been out boating on Lake Coeur d’Alene, our team has been hard at work to continue to improve the winter storage facility at Hagadone Marine Group. We know that keeping your boat safe for the winter is important, so we’ve added more features, more storage and more security to keep your vessel safe. Are you wondering if the indoor boat storage is right for your craft? Here are five ways we’ve continued to improve our facility.

  1. Out of the elements
    Our indoor storage facility is fire-protected and dry. Indoor facilities protect boats from the sun, wind, rain, snow, dust and cold, which increases the longevity of your boat and help preserve the boat’s resale value. And because our facility has 24- hour security, you know someone is always keeping an eye on the area.
  2. More space than ever before
    This year, we added five brand new buildings to our 30-building facility. We have the ability to store more than 1,500 crafts of every kind. The facility covers more than 80 acres with 500,000 square feet of storage space. However, there is high demand for our storage facility, so reserve your space today!
  3. Secure area
    Our storage facility is professionally pest controlled and monitored 24/7, so nothing is going to slip by us.
  4. Professional transport team
    We have a five-man expert driving team that is in place to transport the boats to and from our facilities, as well as an additional six-man crew that facilitates the on-water pickups. These teams are made up of trained professionals who use their skills and expertise to ensure nothing happens to your boat in transit.
  5. We do the hard work
    In addition to our professional transport team, we’re always aiming to improve our services. When we pick up a craft, we take notes about how the boat was left, such as how it was tied or where the fenders were. That way, we can return it to the exact same position once you’re ready to hit the water again. We also take photos once your boat is in storage for the season, which your service advisor will send to you, so you can have peace of mind all winter long.

Ready to schedule your pick up for winter storage? Give our team a call today!