What Annual Boat Maintenance Means For Your Boat

Snow may still be coming down, but before we know it, spring will be here! And with it, a new boating season! It may seem too soon, but North Idaho boaters should already be thinking about commissioning their boat for summer and completing annual boat maintenance. Here’s what this entails:

Annual Boat Maintenance… Do It Sooner

The phrase “out of sight, out of mind” really is true! With your boat in storage during the winter months, you might be tempted not to think about it. However, these pre-spring months are a key time to be commissioning your boat for summer and completing annual maintenance. You’re not using your boat anyway, so why not have the Hagadone Marine service team work on your boat while they have it in storage? Getting started now means you’ll be ready for when those first sunny days hit Lake Coeur d’Alene — here’s hoping it’s sooner than we expect!

Give it a once-over

What does annual maintenance look like? You probably know that each year, you should do certain things to maintain your car, such as checking the oil or rotating the tires. The same is true for your boat. Here are the top things you or your service team should be doing every year:

  • Fluids
    Change the oil and filters, and add gear lube if necessary.
  • Overall readiness
    Have a full diagnostic done on your engine, as well as overall tune ups. You can talk to the service team about what specifics should be done for your specific boat (LINK: ).
  • Check pumps and gauges
    Working parts such as the bilge and pumps are extremely important to make sure your boat continues to run smooth.

Get the legal stuff ready

There are a few things you need to do each year to ensure your boat can LEGALLY be on the water. Check your lights, both on your boat and your trailer, to ensure you’re legal on the road and the water. You also need to renew your registration annually — it’s the law! And last, don’t forget to ensure you have enough lifejackets aboard.

Are you ready to commission your boat for spring? Contact the team at Hagadone Marine to schedule your appointment.