Annual maintenance: What you should be doing for your boat every year

We’ve said before that the best time to do maintenance is in the winter months. You’re not using your boat during the chilly winter months, and there’s no rush to get your boat back. However, have you ever wondered what should be done during the winter months? While every boat should be inspected individually for specific maintenance, there are a few things that are usually on most people’s to-do lists:

  • Proper storage

    The first thing on the list is the most universal – every boat should be stored properly in the winter. Today, many experts recommend boat owners store their boats in an indoor storage facility, instead of under an awning or shrink-wrapped outdoors. Indoor storage generally has a consistent, moderate temperature that keeps boats dry and clean.

  • Freeze Protection

    In addition to proper storage, all boats should be fitted for some kind of freeze protection in the winter, especially boats in North Idaho. Anything that traps water needs to be emptied or treated including engine, exhaust, head and water ballast systems. When you have Hagadone Marine store your boat for the winter, we drain everything. We blow dry areas such as water lines, sinks, hot water tanks and shower sumps with compressed air. We also use winterizing formulas for those areas that can’t be done with compressed air.

  • Professional detailing

    Like we’ve mentioned before, now is the time to have routine maintenance such as professional detailing done. The team at Hagadone Marine is available to pick your boat up for storage and winter maintenance. We pick up seven days a week through the end of November, by water or by land, and can pick up boats from the Tri-Cities to Montana, and as far south as McCall.

  • Preventative maintenance

    Just like with a car, there is preventative maintenance that should be done on a regular basis, such as changing the oil. Why not get all this regular maintenance done at once? Have you scheduled your winter maintenance yet?

Call the team today to schedule yours.