Check these 5 things before you leave the dock on your boat this spring

It’s been a long winter here in the northwest, so as you begin to commission your boat for summer remember, there are some key things to check before you leave the dock for the first time this spring.

  1. Make sure you’re legal
    Do your lights work including running lights? Check all lights to make sure they still illuminate and have not burned out during the winter.
  2. Do you have enough lifejackets?
    Much like making sure your lights work, make sure you have enough lifejackets — and the right kind — for everyone on board. Not only is it the law, but also a safety issue!
  3. Check internal pumps and gauges.
    Make sure things such as the bilge and other internal pumps are still operating properly. While commissioning your boat for summer, make sure your gas gauges work, and change your oil.
  4. Is your registration up to date? 
    Check to ensure you renewed your boat registration — it’s the law!
  5. What else do you need for a fun day? 
    Have you packed snacks, sunscreen and towels for everyone on board? Being prepared 
    will ensure you have a great first day on the water!

Have questions about any of the above? Let us know, and contact us today!