Cobalt Boats

The Cobalt team is tirelessly designing and crafting the most innovative, well engineered, and best performing boats imaginable. They are fanatical about reliable innovation and design, quality, the little details, fit, and finish. Leveraging over four decades of boat building experience, they enthusiastically challenge themselves to develop boats that excite boaters and improve their boating experience. They seek out the appropriate balance between hand craftsmanship and technological advances that will deliver the most innovative, well appointed, stylish and best built boats ever.

We at Hagadone Marine Group are proud to carry this exceptional line of boats. Visit our showroom and take a test drive. Once you have, you will become a fan too.

Why Cobalt Boats?

Deep Rooted Beauty

Who doesn’t love beauty and function? Cobalt boats integrate good taste, subtle elegance and hand-craftsmanship into their designs. The interior of all Cobalt boats are designed for years of long and faithful service. Not only are they beautiful in their own right, but they have been handcrafted with materials that surpass endurance time and time again.

Swim Platform Functionality

Cobalt has long since dedicated themselves to providing swimming functionality on their boats. With large, welcoming and safe platforms that are suspended low, all Cobalt boats are sure to be swimming friendly. They are intentionally positioned just above the waterline for easy use. Additionally, they all have oversized, polished stainless steel tubing wraps to protect the boat around docks and to offer assistance to swimmers in the water.

A Lifetime Performance

Regardless of the weather, the award winning Cobalt boat has a hull design that stands ready, willing, and able. Whether there is a slight breeze on the water or 4-foot waves, your Cobalt boat can handle it all. Unlike other companies, Cobalt doesn’t use machine placed fiberglass on the hull. Instead, they hand lay 16 layers of overlapping fiberglass with a proprietary Z-Thane barrier coat. This improves blister resistance and peeling. Instead of wood, cobalt used a composite core that optimizes the strength to weight ratio. Doing so eliminates the possibility of wood rot over time. Additionally, Cobalt remains dedicated to using molds on all graphics in the fiberglass. All of these factors lead them to a lifetime of high performance and quality.