Hagadone Marine Boat Storage is Growing!

 Covered boats in indoor storage

Hagadone Marine Boat Storage is Growing!

As a year no one could have seen coming, 2020 brought unprecedented challenges and new experiences for everyone around the world. With the normal way of life being flipped on its head, many families yearned to get out of the house while following social distancing guidelines.

Many families learned that boating, wakeboarding, tubing, and other activities on the water are the perfect way to enjoy some fresh air in the new normal. As a result, families invested in the boats of their dreams this season and made countless memories on the water.

Now that summer is finally coming to a close, boat owners across the Inland Northwest will need to store their new watercraft in preparation for winter. The safest place to store a boat is in a weatherproof enclosed shelter. This prevents the icy cold weather from freezing the mechanical components of the boat, mildew from deteriorating the boat’s exterior, and many other issues.

To protect and extend the lifetime of watercrafts for boaters around the Inland Northwest, Hagadone Marine Group has expanded its Indoor Boat Storage facility to accommodate hundreds of more boats this season. This expansion, valued at $1.6 million, will give families around the northwest a place to store their watercrafts for years to come.

The Expansion

Currently, Hagadone Marine Boat Storage offers 42 buildings and is the largest indoor boat storage in the area. Hagadone Marine added six buildings during this expansion project for a total of 48 buildings spanning 576,000 square feet on 81 acres.

This expansion required 927,360 sq. ft. of metal siding and roofing, 1855 large wood posts, 79 miles of rebar, and 221 miles of framing lumber. We used 12,365 yards of concrete and 15,600 tons of gravel. To secure it all together, we used 883,200 metal screws. We even counted them ourselves!

Now, Hagadone Boat Storage can store up to 2,400 boats for owners from the greater Inland Northwest, Eastern Washington, North Idaho, and Western Montana. Construction will officially conclude on September 25th, 2020.

Why Indoor Storage

Indoor boat storage is the best option for owners in terms of security and protection. While there can be a heavy upfront cost to indoor boat storage, indoor boat storage can extend the lifetime of the watercraft due to the added protection from the elements. 

As we mentioned earlier, indoor boat storage prevents the icy cold weather from freezing and deteriorating the engine, belts, and other mechanical components. The humidity can cause mildew to grow on the hull and wear it down.

Indoor boat storage is also a secure way to store watercrafts. Not only are the boats under lock and key, but the storage buildings are equipped with security cameras and security guards.

What’s Included

Not only does Hagadone Marine Indoor Boat Storage have all of the regular security detail, but they’ve added an additional layer to their security. Very few people know where Hagadone Marine Indoor Boat Storage is located. This makes it even harder for thieves to find it and break-in. Storage services include on-water valet pick-up to 17 of the surrounding lakes by Hagadone Marine’s five full-time CDL certified drivers, giving convenience and security.

Hagadone Marine Group also offers Fall Servicing to get your boat properly winterized. To learn more about service options available, check out our Fall Service Menu. After winter is over, our Quick Launch Club can help you get back on the water faster with extra perks.

Store Your Boat Here

To store your boat in the northwest’s largest boat storage facility, you must reach out quickly because space in the expansion is already filling up quickly. For availability, rates, and more information, contact the Hagadone Marine Center at 208-664-8274.

Hagadone Marine Group

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