Complete the form below to join the waiting list for a boat slip with Hagadone Marina.

There is a $100 deposit required to join the Waiting List. Please complete the form below and provide payment. The Moorage Manager will contact you as soon as you are at the top of the list, and we have a slip available that will accommodate your request.

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Please Note:

Your $100 will be refunded if you decide to remove yourself from the waiting list - to remove yourself and receive your refund, please email our Moorage Manager, Melissa Menke, at If you decide to stay on the waiting list, and receive acceptance to have a slip, the $100 will be a deposit that will go towards your moorage as soon as you are assigned a slip.

When a slip is offered, it must be accepted within ten (10) days. Prorated moorage for the remainder of the calendar year will be based upon the date of acceptance. If the 10-day requirement cannot be met and the prospective member would like to pass on the offer or a response is not received, the name will remain on the waitlist in the current standing unless removal is requested. If a slip offer is declined a second time within a 12 month period, the name will be removed from the waitlist. A new fee and application will be required to be added back onto the wait list, at the bottom of the list.