Make sure to keep up maintenance even during the summer season

The team at Hagadone Marine is avid about beginning and end of season maintenance for your boat, but did you know, we can also take care of any mid-season maintenance that arises? Here are a few items you should check regularly:

  1. Oil and fluids
    Never launch your boat without first checking the oil and other fluid levels. Before you launch your vessel on any of our beautiful north Idaho lakes or rivers without first making sure your fluids are at the proper level. Repeatedly low levels could be a sign of a leak, and will require immediate assistance.
  2. Propeller or impeller
    Before launching for the day, check to make sure the propeller or impellers on jet drives show no signs of damage. The propeller should not be tarnished or excessively worn. Additionally, make sure all hardware is tightened.
  3. External wear
    Regularly wash and treat the outside of your boat to ensure the boat stays beautiful. If a gel coat becomes wore, treat the problem immediately to ensure no lasting damage.

To schedule routine maintenance, contact our staff today.