Marker One Makes Progress

The time is near – soon customers will be making their way into showrooms exploring the possibilities of a better summer. More fun outdoors, more time on the water. It is our responsibility to provide those customers with everything they need to know and lead them to the perfect boat to fit their needs.

Enter: Marker One. Finding the right boat starts with the way you’ll use it. For those looking for big fun, accessibility, sprawl-out-and-relax roominess, all with a touch of luxury, then this is your front runner. So here are some talking points, if you will, in discussing if Marker One is the perfect match.

What you probably already know (but we’re here to tell you again and again) is that Marker One stems from the very same blood line as those of our esteemed runabouts. The very same sleek curves, multi-color gel coat, buttery smooth vinyls and diamond non-skid surface are found here on Marker One, too. And in true Cobalt fashion, the Marker One Platform Series also offers a variety optional equipment to further complement its legendary ride.

So let’s talk about what’s new and different, shall we? Yes, you already know the innovative hull design is an industry first for the pontoon market. A soft, smooth ride is instantly noticeable and we can note that to the three large tube diameters working in harmony with the other vitals. Yes, you probably already know the endless seating options available and the large storage nests found on the Marker One. And yes, you probably already know the signature swim step is available to make boarding a breeze.

But in recent developments, the Marker One tower and head compartment are complimenting this list of amenities quite nicely. The tower adds an athletic appeal for those wanting to ride in style. It was derived from the longstanding and overly popular Cobalt Boats arch which adorns many of our runabouts. The aluminum folding tower is available in white or black as well as electric or manual. The arch is equipped with a custom Cobalt Bimini which folds easily and makes storage in low headroom areas a breeze!
We can’t skip over the Marker One standard dinette table. Gather around and mingle with friends, slice up some fruit, or toast to the evening. This standard feature can be replaced with optional galley with sink or the optional head compartment.

The custom head compartment is also new to the Marker One option list. Its functions are twofold. First acting as a spacious countertop with drink holders, this table is the perfect catch-all for the day’s activities. And when the time comes to deploy its second function, well, you can do so with a quick hand motion. The compartment opens and folds upward creating an enclosed privacy room (with hinged saloon style doors) for protection on all four sides. A roof even adorns the structure! Simply fold doors back down to reconvene the boating fun.

So there you have it – two new talking points to add to your already existing list of Marker One magic. When that savvy boater walks through the doors with a list of wants vs needs, you’ll know where to start. Because at the end of the day a savvy boater knows there’s a price, and then there’s a value. And that value lies in years of pure enjoyment and big day boating. Enter: Marker One.