Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy

Privacy Policy

The information we collect:

In the course of providing services to our clients and customers, we may obtain electronic information of various types. We recognize that our customers’ information may be private and confidential. It is our corporate practice and policy to safeguard and protect that information in two primary ways:

  • All information received from customers will be maintained in a secure environment, both physically and electronically. Hagadone Corporation has robust electronic security protocols in place that meet or exceed federal standards (such as HIPAA and NIST) for the protection of sensitive and confidential information. Those standards will be followed in the use and protection of customer information.
  • Information received from customers will not be disclosed to any outside third parties without the customer’s written or electronic consent. Hagadone Corporation keeps customer personal and company information–such as name or e-mail address– private. It is our policy to use the customer information we acquire for internal business uses only and to enable us to provide products and services to the customer.

The only exceptions to the above are as follows:

If it is necessary to share customer information in order to investigate, prevent, or take action regarding illegal activities, suspected fraud, situations involving potential threats to the physical safety of any person, or as otherwise required by law.

  • If Hagadone Corporation is acquired by or merged with another company, it may be necessary to transfer customer information to the successor company. In this event, Hagadone Corporation will notify you before information about you is transferred and becomes subject to a different privacy policy.
  • In the unlikely event that Hagadone experiences a security breach involving customer information, we will carefully investigate the incident, notify the customer as soon as our investigation is completed and take any corrective action needed to prevent further incidents.

Additional Details Regarding the Information We Collect:

We collect anonymized analytics data through Google Analytics to learn more about how our website is used and how many visitors we receive.

Through our online forms, we collect information such as name, email address, phone number, physical addresses and personal messages. These messages are emailed to a representative at our company using SSL or TLS encrypted email protocols.

Email logs are created at Mailgun when messages are sent. These logs include your name, email address, and subject line of the message.

Email logs are stored on our web server for a period of time in case of failed delivery.

Our shopping cart collects billing and shipping information with personal information, such as name, email address, phone number, and physical address. This information is stored in our online database for managing your product purchases.

We use a secure payment processor to collect credit card information called We do NOT store any payment information on our web server, this information is stored securely for processing your payment in our online store at

Why we collect the information:

We collect information through Google Analytics to learn more about the browsing habits of our visitors, and to learn more about page views and visits.

We collect information through our contact forms for the purpose of emailing information from our clients to our company.

We collect information through our shopping cart forms to process and ship orders.

We use Mailgun to securely process emails from our website. See their privacy policy for how they manage your privacy.

We use to collect information for the purpose of processing orders. See their privacy policy for how they manage your privacy.

Means by which we collect the information:

When you browse to our website, your browser contains information that can be collected by our Analytics systems. This may include your OS and OS version, Browser Type and Version, your location, IP address, the website that referred you to our website, and other details. This information may be collected by our analytics systems like Google Analytics, or 3rd party tools, for example.

We use web-based forms to collect information that you provide by entering the information directly into the forms.

Third Party systems and Social Media widgets/embeds for which we have installed on our website may collect information using cookies or your IP address. These include, but are not limited to, Facebook Pixel, Google Maps, Google reCaptcha, Google Analytics, embedded Instagram feeds, ElfSight for social media feeds.

What we do with the information we collect:

The information we collect may be used to reply to a message you have sent to us, process your online purchase, be stored and used for advertising purposes, deliver or display promotions, deliver or display offers, or provide you with other relevant information related to our services. 

How you will know if our privacy policy has changed:

We will update this policy and post it to our website at the URL and any changes to the policy will go into effect within 30 days of the date of the posted changes

How the information we collect is protected:

We use SSL on our website to encrypt the transmission of information, and we use SSL or TLS encryption when sending emails from our website forms.

Payment information collected online is never stored on our servers, but rather with a secure online payment processing company or our financial institution.

We will take precautions with the intention of keeping your information safe and secure so that it is not accessed by an unauthorized 3rd party when this information is stored on our website’s server.

We will not sell your individual information to a 3rd party with the exception being that if our company were to sell to a 3rd party, that 3rd party would inherit the information we collected and be transferred to the 3rd party with the sale of the business.

We will intentionally not share your personal information with a 3rd party for marketing or advertising purposes.


What Are Cookies?

Cookies are text files that are stored in your web browser by the websites you visit. Cookies are used to learn more about your behavior on the website, as well as store information needed by the website during your visit.

How Do We Use Cookies?

We use cookies to learn information about your visit to our website as you browse from page to page. This includes storing what you add to your shopping cart, your shopping preferences, and what you may have clicked within a page, and more data points that help improve your experience on our website. These cookies are saved in your browser and can be accessed if you return to our website again in the future.

Below is a list of our cookies and their function on our website:

Necessary or Essential Cookies

These are cookies that our website uses to perform necessary or essential functionality. Without these cookies, our website would not function properly, and are therefore required and will be created with or without being accepted. For example, we store information about items added to your cart, or the page of the checkout process you are on, delivery options, sale prices that were displayed, or the information you enter into a form that you may come back to later.

Third Party Cookies

We use several third party services to improve the functionality of our website and to help learn about visitor behavior so we can continue to improve the services and experiences we offer. These third party services also create cookies in your web browser when you visit our website. These cookies may be used to help us promote our products and display information to you when you visit other sites that use the same third party services. Some of this information may include special offers, advertisements, or reminders about your shopping experience with us, for example. Some of these 3rd party websites may also use these cookies and your information to provide relevant information to you. 

Analytics Cookies

We use several plugins, software programs, and third party services to generate analytics data based on visits and user interactions with our website. Website analytics are data points that are recorded during a users visit to our website. One example is Google Analytics.

Analytics systems create cookies to learn more about user behavior, page views, visits, and sessions created on our website. The analytics data we collected cannot be used by us to personally identify any of our visitors or to learn more about your browsing habits outside of our website. 

Some third party analytics providers may be able to identify you or connect you to other personal information based on your IP address or browsing habits. They may also be able to use the analytics data collected to present you with ads, promotions, offers, or other information when you visit other websites.

When using Google Analytics, we use the anonymize IP address option to help protect your privacy and identity a little better.

How to Manage or Disable Unwanted Cookies Created While Visiting Our Website:

You will have to edit your web browser’s settings to disable cookies on our website. Please understand that by disabling cookies on our website, the website will not function correctly and your experience will be affected.

The FTC provides information about cookies and how to help you manage your online privacy by controlling cookies in your web browser here:

How do I contact you or request that my information be deleted?

Please email us at if you have questions or concerns about our privacy or cookie policy. You may contact us at the same email address to request that all of your personal information be deleted from our online database.

How to contact us:

Please email us at or call 1-208-664-8274

Or write to:

Hagadone Marine
Attn: Blackwell Pro Shop
1000 S. Marina Drive
Coeur d’Alene, ID 83814