Quick, easy lunches for a perfect lake picnic

As summer approaches, boaters are going to start hitting Lake Coeur d’Alene and other North Idaho waters as soon as the sun makes an appearance. But before you cast off, make sure you have enough nutrients to sustain your crew for a day of fun on the water! We’ve compiled a list of our favorite picnic lunches, perfect for a day on the lake:

For the planners:

Maybe you rented a boat on Lake Coeur d’Alene for the day, or maybe you have family in town for a holiday weekend. If you have time to plan ahead, one of the easiest meals to take anywhere is a salad — and we don’t mean just green leafy kind! Pasta salad, Greek salad, potato salad, corn salad… The list goes on and on! These meals are easy to prepare days in advance, so they’re ready to grab and go when you’re headed out on the water. A simple search pulls up hundreds of options!

For the grillers:

Skip the messy hamburgers and hot dogs (who wants to drag all those condiments out to the boat anyway?) Instead, opt for a simple kebob or skewer. At home, slide sliced chicken on to a wood or metal skewer, alternating with chunks of red and green peppers, onion, zucchini, mushroom or any other veggie. (This dish can also be vegetarian! Just leave off the chicken!)

Throw the skewers in a ziptop bag with your favorite marinade — olive oil, Worcestershire sauce or other sauce — and let soak until you get to the grill.

Add another level by sliding fruits such as strawberries, melons or pineapple onto skewers to get your serving of fruit as well!

For the last-minute-outing:

So you got off work, stepped outside the office and felt the sun on your skin. That means one thing: Hook up the boat and hit the water NOW!

For those who are rushing out the door for an early morning fishing trip or an end-of-the-day cruise, prepping a meal ahead of time might not be an option. Instead, opt for a deconstructed sandwich.

Preparation is simple — toss packages of deli meats, such as turkey or ham, into a cooler with a block of cheese (or pre-sliced!) some crackers and maybe a few veggies. Once you’re out on the water and ready to picnic, create your own sandwiches by rolling cheese and veggies (think lettuce, tomato, cucumber or peppers) into a slice of deli meat. Add crackers for a little crunch, or if you still want the “sandwich” feel. You’ll still hit all your food groups, with no prep necessary!

What are your favorite picnic recipes for when you’re on the water? Leave us a comment and let us know!