Reasons the Colbalt R5 WSS Surf is the best powerboat

The team at Hagadone Marine knows that boat owners have been compromising. When purchasing a surf boat, it seems as though you have to give up something to get something else, such as giving up a little bit of comfort for better performance in your surf boat.

Well, our team has great news for boaters who want it all — no more compromising.

The Colbalt R5 WSS Surf combines everything you’re looking for in a boat.

The wake out back is fully customizable, so you can transition smoothly, making it the perfect surf boat. But even with that comfort and style, the newest Colbalt boat still gets better fuel economy than many other boats, even at top speeds.

The Volvo Penta power selections include up to 430-horse power, with forward drive, and optional enhancements for tow modes and trip computers.

The Colbalt R5 WSS Surf is sure to set the new standard for surf boats across the nation. So whether you’re cruising around Lake Coeur d’Alene or practicing for you next big surf competition, this is the boat for you.

Come into Hagadone Marine today for your opportunity to test drive.