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2017 Regal 2800 Bowrider


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WHY Regal Boats

Paul and Carol Kuck founded Regal Marine Industries in 1969. After an initial setback in 1973 during the energy crisis, they made a decision to continually pursue their vision for a new world class luxury boat. With God’s help and a lot of determination, the Kucks reinvented innovation and customer service. Today, Regal boats define craftsmanship and customer service while following their philosophy based on faith and stewardship.


Thrill seekers enjoy Regal’s innovative surf system, designed perfectly for both inside and behind the boat. This surf system creates non-stop surfing and wakeboarding while boasting a display with left and right surf tab controls. These help direct the rider to the correct side of the boat by flashing the corresponding brake lights. With customizable speed settings, this system is ideal for any water sports activity.


Regal has a reputation for producing high-performance boats with a unique hull design. The FasTrack specifically reduces drag and friction while increasing overall performance levels. This patented innovation has earned plenty of awards from the industry.


A Regal boat fits anyone’s lifestyle with ease and comfort. The powerTower helps with that by allowing for more space to store equipment and speakers. With an incredible pull strength, this option delivers flexibility, functionalifty, and fun for anyone at the touch of a button.


Looking for something with a lot of seating options? Regal has you covered. The UltraLounge is a reserved lounge and backrest that provides 6 adjustable seating positions, from upright all the way down to a bed. It’s comfort and functionality combined.


Listening to music on the water has never been easier for you and your family. With the Fusion Marine Stereo, you can listen to your music through iPhone music libraries with a large, 3.2in screen equipped with backlit displays.


Managing your on-board data doesn’t have to be a nightmare. With the RegalVue system, you’ll be able to see customizable engine data, GPS, cruise control, music, and video all from a multi-functional touch screen.


When the weather turns or you’re ready for a break from the sun, shield yourself with the convertible hardtop. This electronic sunroof spans the entire length of the cock pit and slides close for ease of use. Open the walk-through at any time to allow a breeze to enter the cockpit.


The boating cockpit of any Regal boat is specifically designed for comfort and ease without feeling cramped and closed off. The seating design options give plenty of space and storage, and they allow for riders to lounge around or enjoy the cruise while others are riding the boat’s wake.

*Based on 20 years at 5.99% interest rate - subject to change. Based on approved credit.