Regular maintenance for your boat trailer

Your trailer is an essential tool for nearly every boat outing, yet it seems to be one of the most easily overlooked tools. Everyone knows to regularly change the oil in your boat but did you know your trailer could be equally important? Regular trailer maintenance is a must for any boater, regardless of boat type, or how far you travel.

  1. Lights 
– Always check your lights before every single outing when you use your trailer. Have a friend or family member stand behind the trailer when you activate the brake lights, headlights and turn signals to ensure every piece is working correctly.
  2. Wheels 
– It is a good idea to check the wheels and hubs before and after the voyages- sometimes during, if you’re making a long trip. Check to make sure the wheels are properly filled with air, and that the wheel hubs are not too hot. If the hubs do become too hot, it could mean you need more grease.
  3. Tools
 – Unlike cars, trailers rarely come with an on-board tool set. Many trailers don’t even come with a spare tire. Check to make sure that you have the tools to fit any situation that could arise.

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