Safety is key for keeping water sports fun this summer

Safety should always be the number one concern for any boater on the water this summer. Any time you step into a boat, don’t step away from your responsibility. We’ve rounded up some easy tips to help you not only have fun, but also stay safe on the water.

  1. Stay sun-conscious. Between the great north Idaho rays and the beautiful Coeur d’Alene Lake, it’s easy to loose track of time. Instead, keep the sun in mind. Apply sunscreen regularly and wear a light layer of clothing whenever possible to keep the harmful UV rays off the skin. Additionally, be aware that playing on the water all day can easily cause dehydration. Drink water and healthy liquids regularly to stay hydrated.
  2. Make proper use of your lifejackets. Be sure that for each member you have on board, you also carry a properly sized lifejacket to match. Wear the jackets whenever possible, especially while participating in water sports.
  3. Stay vigilant. Keep an eye out, no matter how much fun you’re having. Make sure everyone on board is always accounted for and aware of their surroundings.

So whether you decide to float in a hidden bay or learn to water ski this summer, make sure you follow these tips to stay safe this summer.

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