Lock in your 2015 Boat Pricing

With our Fall Layaway Program

on a 2016 Axis (A22 Displayed)
on a 2016 Cobalt (220 displayed)
on a 2016 Harris (Omni 180 displayed)
on a 2016 Malibu (25LSV displayed)














Custom Order your Favorite 2016 Model and enjoy these program benefits:

GUARANTEED Spring Delivery
PRICE PROTECTION from factory increases
APPLY Winterization and Storage Fees toward Boat Purchase
LIMITED Availability
  • No Payments until Spring 2016
  • Highest trade-in values
  • Avoid storage, Fall service, and freeze protection costs
  • Custom order the boat of your dreams; color & options
  • New boat warranty
  • No insurance over the winter


Why Buy Now?

New 2016 modal boats are beginning to fill our showrooms with great new features and color options to design the perfect boat for your family.But the modal year changeover doesn’t just signify an advancement In technology,It marks a reset In the calendar year for boat buying that everyone should be aware of.If you’re considering a boat In the future, read the smart boat buyer’s guide below to get the most out of your purchase.

What time of the year is the best to buy a new boat?
To streamline production and employ their skilled craftsmen all year,boat manufacturers must offer the largest discount In the fall to stimulate sales when demand is at it’s lowest.

How does buying a boat In the fall effect my trade In value?
• Higher trade-in value in the fall instead of waiting until spring or summer when your boat Is another year older.
• Currant used boat values are tracking higher than NADA values, so now is a great time to get the most out of your boat.
• No fall service or storage bllls for 2015.We’ll cover all your fall service and storage expenses saving you additional money.

What other benefits do I get for buying In the fall?
• Guaranteed spring dellvery.
• Early buyers are able to customize their boat colors and options, and build the boat that truly fits their family.



Top 5 reasons to sell or trade in your boat this fall

Many boaters think that spring is the best time to sell a boat, but there are many unknown benefits to selling or trading-in a boat in the fall season.

1) Not storing a boat for the winter —

If you’re planning to sell or trade in a boat, why wait? Trading in now will avoid the cost of winterizing the boat, engine and storage.

2) A year older —

If you hang on to the boat for another six months, the boat will technically be a year older, which can make the price decrease.

3) Greater buying power —

A trade-in helps put money toward a new boat, and many dealers have a trade-in program to purchase next year’s models. Check out Hagadone Marine’s 2016 model program benefits to get the most out of your boat buying.

4) Fall excess sales —

At the end of the season, dealers often have sales to clear their sales floors for spring merchandise. They’re also starting to stock next year’s models, which means you could be one of the first people to own the new, exciting models.

5) Boat ready for spring —

Trading in now and buying a 2016 model means your new boat will be ready for spring, so you can get your vessel in the water on the first nice day!

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