Shrink Wrap and Other Forms of Boat Storage

Winter is approaching quickly, which means it’s time to start thinking about putting the boat away until next summer. While a lot of people think that it’s as simple as putting a boat on a trailer and letting it sit, there is actually much more to it if you’re looking for proper and safe boat storage. One popular mode of boat storage is shrink wrap. 

To learn more about this popular winterization process, keep reading below!

The Shrink Wrap Process

Shrink wrap is a great boat storage option for those looking to keep the boat outside all winter. Although the shrink wrap process seems quick and easy, it is actually fairly detailed. Not only does it require expensive equipment but it also needs to be done by a trained professional. 

The process begins by preparing the boat for the shrink wrap. This includes drying and cleaning it off, and then placing the string and supports in their correct positions for the wrap. The supports need to be placed correctly to allow for snowfall and water drainage to occur naturally. Otherwise, there will be too much pressure on the wrap as the season goes on.

Next, the wrapping is strategically draped to cover all corners of the boat. It is checked to make sure it’s not leaving any spaces unprotected, then the heat gun is used to gently seal it in place. This part takes time, patience, and experience. If the gun is held over the plastic too long, it can melt it and damage the boat. Not long enough, though, and the seal won’t take. 

Finally, vents are placed in the wrap to allow for any moisture that builds up inside an escape route. Don’t worry about the vent ruining the seal. The boat will stay perfectly protected!

Other Storage Options

Not sure that you’d like to invest in shrink wrap? You might want to consider other storage options instead. There are two options to choose from, both with their own pros and cons.

Storing a boat at home

A popular choice amongst boat owners for winter boat storage is storing it at home. This is great if you’re looking to be really budget-conscious. However, there are many issues that come with it too. Mainly, storing a boat at home makes it very difficult to keep it protected from the elements. Unless you have a large, climate-controlled garage that you intend to put it in, there is no way to keep rain, snow, wind, or animals from it. 

Secure indoor boat storage

If you’re looking for highly-secure, waterproof boat storage, a great option to look into is indoor boat storage. Many companies have warehouses where they will keep your boat all winter. While it does come at a fee, the price is worth the amenities. Your boat will be in a protected building, with climate controlled temps and a staff that ensures its safe until the spring. There is just no alternative to this level of peace of mind. 

The Hagadone Boat Treatment

Does indoor boat storage sound like the best option for you? If so, you should consider investing in the Hagadone Boat Treatment. 

At Hagadone Marine, we know that keeping your boat safe all winter is a high priority. That’s why we have an indoor boat storage facility with 24/7 security, to fully protect your boat from the harsh outdoor elements. We also provide year-long access to it, as well as transportation to and from to make life easier on you.

Want to learn more about our incredible storage facility and how it can keep your boat safe this coming winter season? Give us a call today, storage fills up fast!