It’s Time for Fall Servicing

Autumn is in the air! The air is cooling off, the leaves are starting to change color, and our days of spending time on the water are coming to an end. While raking piles of leaves, visiting the pumpkin patch, and enjoying a delicious cup of apple cider are at the top of everyone’s to-do lists, you should definitely add getting your boat serviced to your to-do list.

Fall servicing saves your boat from the cruel attack of the weather and can extend your boat’s lifetime by several years. The process is called winterizing by some service shops, but if you wait until the snow flies to get your boat serviced, you’ll likely be too late.

Keep reading below to learn how fall servicing works and how you can schedule yours!

What Does Fall Servicing Include:

Hauling Services

Valet services aren’t limited to hotels and restaurants. We’ll pick up your boat from 17 of the surrounding local lakes and one of our CDL certified drivers and bring it to the Inland Northwest’s largest Boat Service Center to begin your servicing appointment.

Cleaning Your Boat

During the Fall, Winter, and early Spring, moisture and mildew can accumulate on your boat’s hull. This can oxidize and deteriorate the finish. We use a marine-grade hull cleaner to make the bottom as clean as when you first bought the boat.

Later, our detailing crew will buff and wax the hull and sides of the boat to protect it from the harsh moisture and make your watercraft look its best. We’ll also launder your canvas too.

These steps will make the hull and slides of your boat last even longer against oxidization and prolong the color.

Boat Inspection

Our service professionals will do a full inspection of your drive system to make sure every component is running properly. During the inspection, we’ll check for any signs of corrosion, especially around your fuel system.

If we notice any major issues, we’ll consult you about an engine tune-up.

Seasonal Engine Protection

If you’ve ever had the fluids in your engine freeze over winter, you’ll know it’s a bear of a project to fix that can do extensive damage to your engine. We change your engine’s oil and filter, check the impeller and do a complete freeze-protection for your boat.

We can also pump out the head and service both major and minor auxiliary systems. Ballasting pumps and tanks for increased performance is also an option.


Indoor boat storage is the best way to store your boat during the winter. Our Indoor Storage is the ultimate way to protect your boat from the elements. Our weather-proof and fire-proof facility will give you complete peace of mind that your boat will be protected all winter long.

However, if you would like to store your watercraft at home, our team will happily shrink-wrap your boat for you.

Schedule Your Servicing

Schedule your fall servicing with Hagadone Marine Group. Our friendly service team is available in person, over the phone, and online to schedule an appointment and provide estimates. You can also fill out our easy online form. Make sure to schedule your appointment as soon as possible, because spots fill up quickly!

Get Your Boat Ready for Winter!

Is your boat ready for winter? For first-class professional servicing and storage, look no further than Hagadone Marine Group. Our team of experts and professionals is here to help with preparing your boat for the cold weather. Want to learn more about Fall Servicing at Hagadone Marine? Contact us today and let us help you prepare for the season ahead!