Tips for buying a new wakeboard or tow boat

At Hagadone Marine, we understand that some of the most fun you’ll ever have on a boat is waterskiing or wakeboarding. There’s nothing like cruising along behind a towboat, or bumping through the waves on a tube! However, to get that perfect wake or a smooth ride, you’ll need the right boat. That’s where the expert staff at Hagadone Marine comes in- we have the best watersport boats in the northwest, and we’re happy to help you chose the right one!

When you come in to our Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, shop (LINK to inventory page) to start your exciting search for the right boat, there will be a few key areas that will help narrow down the selection:

The first area to consider is the engine. Boats with smaller engines have less power, and adding the weight of towing a person behind the boat can create drag for the engine to pull. Instead, those looking for a ski or wakeboard boat should look for a watersport boat that includes an engine with power to get the boat going quickly. This helps the skier pull him or herself up faster, making it easier for both the driver and the skier.

Another factor to consider is the seating and arrangement on the boat. Drivers looking for a watersport boat should look for a boat with rear-facing seats so a spotter can easily and comfortably keep an eye on the skier. The safety of the athlete should always be a number one priority, and law in most places mandates having a spotter. Rear facing seats will make the experience more comfortable, safer, and provide an excellent angle to take great photos!

Based on what kind of water sport you’re looking to do, and how many people you’ll have aboard, there will be more factors to consider. At Hagadone Marine Group, we help boaters from Montana, Washington, Idaho, and all across the northwest find their perfect fit. Contact us today to set up an appointment, or head into our shop to learn more.