Top 5 Reasons Pontoon Boats Are So Popular

Your next boat should be a pontoon boat, our top 5 reasons why.

As you start looking for your next boat, you might wonder if you should get a different style. Have you been interested in learning more about pontoon boats? You’re not alone! In recent years, pontoon boats have become more popular across the country with families, young couples and those looking for a change of pace.

If you’re wondering what the benefits of owning a pontoon boat are, look no further! We’ve compiled a list of reasons pontoon boats are the boat of choice for many. Here are the top five reasons:

Plenty of storage

Pontoon boats are more spacious than speed boats or motorboats, so there’s more places for storage. Typically, pontoon boats have plenty of space under seats and floors for extra blankets, food, water, life jackets and inner tubes for floating. In addition, pontoon boats usually seat more people than a motorboat, typically big enough to fit more than 10 people comfortably.

Easy for beginners and families

In addition to having more space for families, pontoons are perfect for beginning boaters. They’re easy to drive and simple to dock because of the shape and speed of the boat. Because of their size, pontoon boats are also safe, because they are difficult to flip or tip.

Longer lifespan

Pontoon boats have a longer lifespan than motor boats for a couple reasons. In addition to being easier with boat maintenance, pontoon boats generally don’t change much over time. This means, there’s not a reason to update every few years. They are also typically less expensive to insure, because they are considered a very safe style of boat.

Plenty of customization options

There may not be a reason to update to a new pontoon boat over time, but there are still plenty of ways to customize your boat to make it your own. You can add LED lights, speakers, additional seating and even toys such as inflatable water slides or tubes!

Perfect for everything

Regardless if you’re planning to use your new boat for fishing or entertaining, pontoon boats are very versatile. The right kind of pontoon boat can even be used to pull inner tubes or other floaties!

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